What is Healthy?

Are you healthy? If we were to ask you this question what would you say? If you answered yes, why?

There are so many different descriptions as to what being healthy really is all about. For us at Loving the Climb, Being healthy is all about what you do. 


A lot of people tend to associate losing a lot of weight with being healthy. This is not true. Someone could have lost 10-20lbs simply by sticking with a diet where they don’t eat anything and live off water alone. This is not healthy. They could have a bad habit of throwing what they eat back out but physically they look fantastic. This is not healthy. 

Someone could look physically fit and be participating in a bodybuilding competition of some sort or be physically active in a lot of sports. However, their diet is based on purely supplements and perhaps some steroids with very little actual food. This is not healthy.

How great a person looks does not mean they are healthy. 

Being healthy is a combination of the choices you make in what you eat to make sure your body is fueled with the correct amount of nutritional intake it needs to help build a strong system plus a regular amount of physical activity to help you maintain it. When it comes to being healthy we need to learn how to think for ourselves. Everyone has an opinion, therefore everyone has a suggestion for you as to what is the right meal plan for you and how much exercise you should be doing per day. Before jumping onto the wagon after listening to what they have to say, pause to think about whether or not what they’re saying makes sense and then decide for yourself based on your own life.

As a result, a healthy lifestyle will give you a healthy physique. 


But remember, the physical appearance of a person does not dictate whether or now they are healthy. 
What they do, decides whether or not they live the healthy lifestyle.


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